Field Service


When time is of the essence, and budgets are tight you can count on Black Iron Energy Service.

Our team of experienced field technicians are backed by first class project management, trades, technical and engineering services to get the job done on-time and on budget, cleanly and safely.

World Wide Oil and Gas Solutions


WE CAN Assist with ALL Makes OF Controllers. Our team specializes in optimizing your process with the latest technology TO ACHIEVE YOUR Desired control solution: OEM or aftermarket solutions.

Valves, PSVs and meters

E&I including pressure, temperature, and flow measurement.

Solenoids and actuated valves.

  • Shutdowns and Turnarounds
  • 3D Scanning and materials development -BOM PSV Services
  • Spool and Piping Repair and Alteration Valve Changes
  • Vessel Entry
  • Bolting and Torquing

  • Building Spools and Piping
  • 3D scanning, New installations, existing and modifications
  • Fabrication and oilfield construction Painting of Fabricated Parts Pressure Testing
  • General Oilfield Maintenance
  • Light Excavation (Lease Repair, Road Repair, Snow Removal, etc.)
  • Gravel Hauling General Maintenance
  • Skid steer and equipment

  • Chemical Hauling Blinding
  • Shutdowns and Turnarounds PSV Services
  • Tank Repair Filter Changes
  • Piping, Spool Repair and Alterations Pump Changes
  • Torqueing
  • General Maintenance Wellsite Construction Welding of Spools
  • Wellsite Layout and Pile Pinning
  • Cutting and Capping Piles
  • Setting Equipment and connecting Pressure Testing Piping and Spools Installation of Piping and Spools Valve Installs and Changes Torquing of Spools and Valves

  • Pigging and Cleaning of Pipelines Equipment evaluations and Marketing plans Pipeline Excavation
  • Cutting and Capping Pipelines
  • Backfilling General Cleanup Transport
  • Demolition and site removal
  • Site reclamations and asset abandonment services
  • Field Compression Reassembly and Installation
  • Trouble shooting, failure analysis, commissioning support, product support

  • Fluid Hauling (Oil, Chemical and materials) Shutdowns and Turnarounds
  • Blinding of Piping Vessel Entry
  • PSV Services
  • Bolt-up
  • Spool Replacement and Alteration (Welded)
  • Pipefitting (Threaded) General Maintenance Pump Changes

  • Fluid Hauling (Oil, Glycol, and materials) Gas to electric driver conversions.
  • Compressor package re-staging.
  • Environmental containment installation and updates.
  • Catalytic converter installs/updates to existing equipment to meet new government standards. Cooler resizing and retrofit.
  • 3D scanning, BOM development, and drawing
  • packages
  • Compressor, generator, and process building mob-Demobilizing
  • Shutdowns and Turnarounds PSV Services
  • Valve Re-and-Re Flange Torquing
  • Spool, Piping Repair and Modification.
  • Piping Installation and Fitting
  • General Maintenance (Cleanup and Spill Removal)