New, Used Or Refurbished


Black Iron is a full service Power Equipment service provider. We support a range of brands including: Solar, GE, Siemens, Ariel, Frick, Howden, Waukesha, Caterpillar, Cummins and others. The best equipment for the best solution. Professional technicians and engineers are on staff, ready to service your deployment.

Worldwide access to new and used equipment through our extensive , surplus and after-market network and exclusive vendor agreements means Black Iron is uniquely situated to cost effectively source the parts and equipment you need for your project, at the best possible price.

Black Iron has an experienced team of engineers and technicians for any turbomachinery project: removal, installation, re-engineering, refurbishing or repair – we’ve got you covered. Our approach is non-proprietary; we select your equipment for your application – not based solely on OEM knowledge or inventory.

Full Life Cycle Service


Assessment and Solution: Black Iron Engineers and Technicians will assess the application based on geographic, ambient, budget and regulatory environment. We will work with our customers to provide the best and most economical solution for the application.

Project Plan: We advise the customer on the best and safest solution and approach. That may mean, repair and refurbishing existing equipment or to deploy and install a different solution. We provide a full break down of costs, and timeline for delivery.

Project Execution: Our deployment service team provide supervision expertise. At home or by sourcing regional experts. We manage the whole dismantling and reinstallation process. We provide an end to end solution from shutdown to start up, and everything in-between.

Customized Maintenance and Support:  Black Iron Energy Services develops a customized maintenance program for This can include power generation packages, gas compressor packages and mobile power units. We provide all the parts for any service work, or you can source your own. We complete all the required maintenance, providing standard warranty with options for extended warranty.

Black Iron Energy Service

Black Iron Energy Services is a full life cycle service provider for your Power Equipment requirments. With customized maintenance agreements tailored to your needs. With cross OEM trained technicians and engineers, and unique access to spares and critical components we can ensure optimized performance and maximum uptime always safe and green.



Our out of the box solutions all have engineering principles as the basis for design and are risk assessed to ensure safe implementation.

  • Full design, engineering and construction services for compression and generation retrofits including process systems, control systems, utility support systems, pulsation, torsional and vibration studies.

Whether you need routine maintenance or an urgent replacement part, Black Iron Energy Services is here to maximize uptime and keep your operation running smoothly.

  • Construction, commissioning & start up
  • Semi annual and annual services
  • Control system upgrades / retrofits
  • RCFA (Root Cause Failure Analysis)
  • Process plant & rotating equipment optimization.
  • Complete retrofit services for reciprocating applications.
  • Gas engine gear box inspection and overhaul.
  • Gas engine inspection, maintenance, and overhaul.
  • Preventative and predictive maintenance
  • Complete Site Tear-Down, Clean Up and Asset Recovery
  • Filed Support- Plant Site general repairs and maintenance.

Our Gas Engine engineering team, is cross trained on a range of OEM systems, ensuring your power generation solution is the best match for your application, rather than proprietary solution based on the company’s inventory or specific knowledge.

  • Package assessments and associated reporting templates to industry standards
  • Detailed procedures to allow auditable trail of work completion.
  • Encode all issues for lessons learned (From cause to remedy)
  • Vibration analysis (driven equipment, gearbox & engine & turbine)

Our team of experienced field technicians are backed by first class project management, trades, technical and engineering services to get the job done on-time and on budget, cleanly and safely.

  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Safety Program Development

Black Iron Energy Services can supply new and used components for a range of applications. A large surplus components inventory ensures quick assess and deployment at discounted prices. Black Iron OEM and aftermarket relationships ensure a one stop shop for a solution to any need.

Ask Us About Our Critical Spares Supply Program – The Right Parts On Demand

  • Compressor and Engine Parts
  • Pumps seals and critical spares
  • Motors
  • Valves, PSVs and meters
  • E&I including pressure, temperature and flow measurement
  • Solenoids and actuated valves
  • Engine and compressor replacement parts and spares
  • Caterpillar, Waukesha, Superior, Solar, GE, MTU, IR and Others
  • Ariel, Gemini, Superior Ajax, IR, Worthington, Frick, Howden, Sullair, Others

Power Source Service


Repair, Refurbished or Replace

Our gas engine experts understand that uptime means everything, but so do budgets. We are committed to providing you with economical choices. We can cross-match your current deployment with across brands for the best fit, at the best price. We can refurbish, replace or repair existing equipment with minimal downtime and with our network or service providers, most of the time faster than the manufacturers.

Genuine Spare Parts

If you prefer genuine parts for all planned and unplanned repairs and maintenance. Our exclusive OEM relationships allow us to source genuine new or used parts. Selected and inspected so you can’t go wrong. Speak to a Black Iron energy Services Rep about Our Critical Spares Service. The right parts stocked and on hand whenever you need them.

Upgrades, Reconditioning, Modifications

We´re always working to improve our technologies to keep your gas engine acting at its peak, and increasing its longevity. Keep pace with the latest environmental and efficiency standards with upgrades and modifications to meet ever-changing industry or project challenges.